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We are a professional Land Surveying firm with services that include lot surveys, topographic surveys, boundary line revisions, short platting, elevation certificates, and L.O.M.A.'s. We have been in continuous service under the same ownership since 1979, and serve predominately Pierce, King, and Lewis County's

The legal role of the surveyor

The law in most jurisdictions has recognized a qualified surveyor as being a professional man in the status of an architect, a lawyer or a doctor.

When he acts in such a capacity the surveyor acquires certain standards of conduct that entitles him to recognized privileges and at the same time imposes upon him definite responsibilities.

The surveyor's client employes him because the surveyor has skills upon which the individual is entitled to rely. These recognized skills are, however  in a slightly different classification from that which is generally considered labor such as plumbing or bricklaying.The art of surveying is like that of the medical or legal profession, primarily one requiring mental ability. The concept of surveying does not involve physical effort . The surveyor is instead employed because of his Superior knowledge

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